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Demonology 201

I am reposting this sermon by brother Yong-Doo Kim, pastor of the Lord's Church in South Korea, because I have benefited greatly from his ministry, and he has years of experience battling demons.  This pastor has been to heaven and hell many times, and has authored five books about his experiences in the series called Baptized by Blazing Fire.  So I think he qualifies as a sort of "subject matter expert" on this topic, or someone with firsthand knowledge, who is not simply an echo for the ideas of other men.

Message on demons, given in 2012 by brother Yong Doo Kim:

I was just organizing some things that happened in the meeting today.  I was lying on my bed and I was just thinking and God showed me a vision of the spirits that are in control of this region.

It was like something bigger than the whole earth and it was controlling this region.  And it looked like some kind of snake with eyes and nose and teeth and the teeth were like dracula’s teeth and he had a lot of hair on his body.  We didn’t meet each other, so we are just looking at each other, ignoring each other and it looked like it was bigger than a dragon.  And we were looking at each other and then I saw it start flying.  And this spirit it was giving, (inserting) thoughts into the people in this area.

And it was giving thoughts to the people so that they can just act however they want.  And when these people were effected by these thoughts in their hearts and minds they just started kind of acting up.

They were drinking, eating and doing whatever they want.  I was looking at it and it started coming to me and it attacked my right side.  And then I screamed and I kind of fell and my right side shoulder was really attacked.  It’s kind of aching a lot even my lower back too.  Every place I go I experience similar things.

Today I want to talk to you about the attacks of the evil spirits.  Before we do that we are going to worship.  No matter how much the devil attacks us we need to be faithful.  We may look weak on the outside, but we have to be strong on the inside.  We are physically tiring but our inner side is filled with God.

It’s ok to lose to our fake enemy.  The fake enemy is the people and the things we see but the real enemy we can not see.  It’s ok to be slapped and to be mistreated by the fake enemy.  But with the real enemy we need to fight and to overcome it!  So God and the devil, they move in the same passage way.  But there is a difference in how they operate.

Its a little different, the world of satan moves through confusion and disorder and disorientation. But God works through order, perfection and harmony.  So through the actions of the other people you need to see and know if they are operating through God or through the devil.

God is testing us through different ways.  You know when you go to a factory that manufactures steel, they do a lot of testing.  They do a lot of testing on heat, they also test steel on how it does under very cold weather.  Sometimes they compress the steel really a lot and see how much it can endure.  Sometimes they put it in the fire and see how long it can stretch.  And depending on how much it can stretch and endure the pressure, it determines the use of the steel.

Sometimes the steal is used for the towers, or the cars and body of the car.  And the most strongest steel, they use it for making bridges.  In the same way, God deals with us.  And for people with strong faith, you know they use us fight the demons.

That is why it says, the strong man guards his house but a stronger man comes and takes those possessions.  So a stronger man, which is Jesus and the Holy Spirit come and overcome the strong man and take care of the possessions.

And when the Lord He gives us this kind of ministry, some people they don’t like it.

People are very self-centered and have their own perspective and the Lord wants to change that.  And the people who are mature in faith they need to be able to understand people with beginning faith.  You know babies are little children that tell everything to their parents but parents a lot of times, they don’t share everything with their children about what is going on.

The devil he really messes up the expansion of God’s kingdom.  And he tries to mess up the order by sending spies and all these forces.  And the devil knows who to attack in order to be the most efficient.  And he knows the fastest way to destroy the people of God through who to attack.

The devil does not attack just ordinary churches.  He does not touch people who are both in the world and in the kingdom of God.  Because they are heading off to destruction so he just lets them be.  And he uses people who are disobedient to God’s word.

There’s something that the devil hates.  It is that they are set free from their bondage’s and they become the people of God.  And people who don’t pray, when they try to pray there are tests.  And you and I are being watched 24 hours a day.  When the evil spirits leave us, they don’t just leave.  And then the devil never just gives up his prisoners easily.  And then when we impart the fire to you, in some people the spirits are not exposed.

And then people you know they point fingers and they say look at the person they have a lot of demons but they don’t realize that they have demons inside of them as well.  And pastors and some people they stop people from doing this kind of ministry.

There are many famous actresses in Korea that commit suicide. And when they commit suicide when I am in hell I actually see them being tormented.

And this person she was a Christian and she went to this church and she also received counseling from a pastor before she committed suicide. When you strike the wall you feel the vibrations and he knows who to strike in the church so that others will be shaken.

And then the devil raises up sports figures, politicians or entertainers and when they become really famous, he uses them.  And then sometimes when very famous people they commit suicide, a lot of their followers and fans they commit suicide together, and they follow after them.  And he makes them follow after them so that they can go to hell.  And when my eyes were opened I began to experience this.

I was praying with the music really loud and when your eyes are really opened you don’t hear the music, and then we turn off all the lights and we kneel down and that’s how we pray.  We turn off all the lights because when the Lord appears it is easier for us to see Him clearly, and it is also so that we can focus better.  Then we will raise our hands as long as we can, and we pray in tongues.

I was praying in tongues and I was being sucked into a really really big tunnel, I just went deeper into the tunnel.  And I was being sucked into that black hole kind of thing, I could not feel the weight of my body, and I could not tell if I am in the body or outside the body.

And I understand why Paul described it like that.  And then as you go into the tunnel it is so scary.  And you can not see anything you are by yourself and your going into it.  When I touch my body, I’m in the physical body in the church, but my spirit is being sucked into this tunnel, and even if I try to open my eyes I can’t.  I just keep praying in tongues.  And then after a while you start spinning, and then the darkness starts to spin around me.

It’s like a tornado and black hole and I just keep spinning.  And I try to wake up but I will be just spinning and spinning.  You know, my physical body cannot take it and because of the sins in my body I just keep on calling out, LORD, LORD!  I have experienced that for days and actually months.  Sometimes you become so scared and you ask the Lord to help you and I’ll be back in my body.

And then one day at 3:30 AM with my youth after our service we went to have some sea food.  And I decided to pray more and I came back.  And when I pray I will be sucked into that again.  And then because I have a very full stomach, I will be spinning in darkness.  And then my body will be in the physical realm but then my spirit will be spinning and driving me crazy.  And if you are spun around by a centrifugal force the things inside of you will come out.

And I had this spicy seafood with all this like vegetables and I started spinning and it was trying to come out.  And then I try to wake up, but I am still spinning.  And I opened my eyes and I was still spinning.  And then I went to the bathroom, I crawled, and then I just threw everything up.

And as I was praying I got really scared so I called my daughter, but my daughter said, “What’s going on?  I’m sleeping.”  I replied, “Oh it’s so scary here, please come to me.”  My daughter was saying that you have to go through that to have your eyes opened, you have to go through that.

And I said, “I’m a Pastor, that’s why I have to go through all these scary places.”  And then my daughter said, I already went through that.  And then I thought that since I am a pastor that everything would be more serious and more difficult for me.  I have a lot of fears.  And then when I pray, God will keep on taking me to those places.

And then you know, even if we pray that God will open our eyes, actually when He starts to take you to those places, you’ll be so scared that you don’t want to go.  And even though you say, Lord I want to experience hell, if He really tries to take you, then even if you go near it you will be just like, oh no, I can’t go there.  And then our hypocrisy and our double mindedness is exposed.

Then you realize how weak your faith is.  And you feel like you can do all these things for the Lord, but then at the most crucial moment you collapse.  And then the Lord wants to show us but at the most critical moment we back out.  And that’s the same for most people.

And then having your eyes opened is so frightening.  And as I pray the Lord will take me again.  And then I wish I could only see good things, but He makes me go through all these scary places.

You know it would be great for me if all the members and my eyes are opened at the same time but my eyes they open when they leave and I am praying by myself and there’s nobody to help me.  Whoever the people are there, they sleep in the pews.  And when I was praying, the Lord took me to a more scarier place and I was calling on my wife, "Honey, Honey come by my side and help me."

My wife woke up and she was very groggy, and she woke up and she said, “Do whatever you can, I don’t care if you go to hell or not.”  And then after the prayer, my daughter rebuked me.  She said, “Awe you’re a pastor and you can’t even go through that?”  And I held her hands and said, “You know it’s so scary there.” And my daughter said, “Hmm..your a pastor, and you don’t have faith.”

And I told my son, “Joseph, you know um, because I am a pastor, you know the Lord takes me to very scary places.”  And my son said, “I already went through all those places. What are you talking about?” You know, my children they mistreat me, because at the most critical moment, you know, I fall back.

And later my eyes began to open and it was so scary.  And as you pray there will come a moment where you will not hear the music or the people around you.  And as you pray in tongues you feel the presence of God from top to bottom.  And then the part that you feel the presence of God, you do not feel the weight of your body.  You know it’s like the people we live below the earths atmosphere you don’t feel the gravity, it’s in the same way.

Sometimes my arms open and I fly to heaven.  Sometimes when I pray an angel will come and clothe me with a robe.  Sometimes a demon will come and (?).  Sometimes he will come in the form of a snake and he will coil around me.  And as we pray sometimes God sends His angels to take us.

Sometimes the Lord will come and take us to heaven and sometimes the devil will disguise himself as Jesus an he will try to take us to heaven because we like it but he ends up taking us to hell.  But these experiences there’s so many of them, this is just like a grain of sand in the sea.

My first books are about the process of how our spiritual eyes were opened.  And the third one is about the secret chamber.  Also in the following books it shows you how the king cobras are in the liquor and how they will enter peoples bodies.  And also the fourth book is about the spiritual gifts like store houses in heaven, and me and my son we went  to those places and we wrote about them.

And we have seen those images from Revelations of 7 plates (bowls), and 7 trumpets.  And the fifth book is about the prayers that have been answered.  And then I could not finish the 6th book but it’s almost finished and it will be published.

And then the 6th book is about me and my son going to the secret chambers and the last chamber, there’s weapons we can use to fight against the devil, and there’s so many rooms there and chambers, and we have to pray many days to be there.

And then one day at 4:30 after prayer I was just sitting and resting and lucifer came.  And there are scenes where he stabs me with his fingernails and he stabs my intestines.

And then I had the sword of the blood of Jesus on my side and when I started to reach for it, he stabbed me.  And the Lord was near me and lucifer was in front of my face and he stabbed me with his fingernails and said, “I’m going to kill you.”

Then he actually left and came back and he wanted to kill me again.  And this is the part where He baptized me with fire and He takes me up to the universe and He baptizes me.  There is a scene where He clothes me with fire and He throws me out to the universe.  And also Jesus comes and He puts fire around me and he throws me to another universe.

There’s a part where the Holy Spirit comes out of the trinity and baptizes me with fire.  Also there’s a part where Father, Son and Holy Spirit they come together and baptizes me.  And then the next ones going to be the spiritual warfare around the world.

God has given me a unique calling to expose the identity of the devil, and how people go to hell.

There is nothing in the word that says you will go to hell if you don’t keep the Sabbath holy.  It doesn’t say that if you don’t tithe you will go to hell.  But the Bible we need to look at it, there is a lot of paradox’s in it.

In Mal. 3:10 it says that a lot of people did not keep the tithe, so test me with the tithe, but it does not mean to test God with the tithe.  It is because the Israelites did not tithe well and the Lord wanted them to really tithe and not to test Him with the tithe.  And that is why He said, “Test me with the tithe.”

People who are blessed are not those who just tithe, but on top of that they give more.  The tithe belongs to the Lord, it is not (for us) to be blessed, but it is the Lords.  And the blessings come through the offerings that’s on top of tithe.

And also in our world there is a tree of good and evil.  The tree of good and evil is if you touch and eat it you will die.  Tithing is like financial tree of good and evil.  And if you touch the tithe it means you must be prepared to pay the consequences.

There’s a tree of good and evil between human relations, and if you have adultery and have an affair that is like touching the tree of good and evil.  It means if you touch others besides your husband or wife, you are touching the tree of good and evil.

And then when I went to heaven and met the Lord I realized that sometimes people commit adultery they could not repent.  Not that you cannot repent of the sin, but that many people they don’t think about the seriousness of the sin.  In the Old Testament they will actually stone you to death or you have to sacrifice animals.

In the Old Testament it talks about the physical atonement but in the New Testament, the Lord says that if you commit adultery in your heart you have already sinned.  I also visited a place in hell, it was a place where a lot of people that commit adultery went.

There were a lot of men and women who were naked. There was a huge like a frying pan, and it was like a size of a (?) (possibly foot ball field?).  There was like a fire beneath it and there were all these naked people who were on the pan.  And just like you would fry fish, all these people were packed in there.

And I said, “Lord, who are these people?” And He said, “These are the people who commit adultery, and people who had abortion who did their own will.”  And there was this long stick, really huge like 6 feet tall.  And then there were all these huge demons around the pan and they were piercing the center of the men and women’s bodies.

And they pierced them with some kind of needle stick and the people would scream and they would run.  When they pierced them they would be in so much pain and when they took it out they would be back to normal.  And they kept on doing this over and over.

And there were also doctors who participated in the abortions.  And there were also people who sponsors who went with it.  And there were parents who overlooked the unwanted pregnancy and they erased the baby.  There were a lot of people who didn’t want to have the baby so they had the abortion.  And then they were full of people like that.  And then there are so many places like that in hell.

There is also a place in hell where people are who sinned with their mouth.  And people who sinned with their tongue and with their words they will put needles on them and they will cut them with a knife.

And every night that I prayed, the Lord would make me visit those places.  And when he leaves me there, He disappears.  And then I’ll be dragged away just like the other people there (this happened to others like this also), and I will be tormented.

And then in my church I will pray on my platform and then I will collapse, and then he would put like a black veil over my face and he would drag me.  And then in hell there is also a human eating competition.

The Lord has allowed the demons to operate in our world and in hell.  And hell is prepared for the fallen angels and the devil.  Christians who didn’t believe right they end up there.  In the Bible it talks about those people who couldn’t go to heaven.

We need to be aware of how the demons operate.  We will look at the passage that talks about the identity of the devil.  Jude 1:6,7, so they abandoned their own home, and they are bound kept in darkness bound with everlasting chains reserved for judgment on the great day.

Isaiah 14:12  And then people ask me where’s heaven or hell, look at verse 12 where it says: how you have fallen from heaven and it talks about the north.  And sometimes when people experience this there will be two angels that will come and take them to like a passage way like a couple of feet wide and it will be endlessly made out of gold.   In Ezekiel it talks about how the devil was.

This is very important; I want to share with you.  Ezekiel 28:  It talks about how the devil was before he fell.  It says he was made and created and he was perfect.  He was anointed cherub, and he walked in the mount of God, and he was perfect when he was created.

And then because of this (?) (Widespread trade?), he was filled with violence.  And it means a lot of angels followed him.  And it says you guardian cherub, and then his heart became proud and he corrupted his wisdom because of his splendor.  He was perfect in beauty and it talks about spiritual beings that are higher than humans.

You know these were like almost perfect next to God.  In Isaiah what we looked at before it talks about the bright morning star.  And in King James it says O you son of morning lucifer, how you have fallen from heaven.  The Latin origin of the meaning is Lucifer.

In Rev. 12:17 it says, there was a war in the heavenlies and they fought against the dragon and he couldn’t win so he was actually cast on the earth.  It’s a huge dragon and old serpent and it’s the devil, and it’s satan and he deceives the whole world.

He was cast down to earth and his followers came with him.  He was upset and his time was not there but he was cast out.  Don’t think that the devil is far away, and then he will scream and he will jump at you (pastor Kim screams), what I am screaming is nothing compared to him, its maybe like a thousand times of what I screamed.

Rev. 12:3 It’s a red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, and it swept away a third of the stars in heaven and hurled them to the earth.  And then the one third represents the fallen angels.  Some people interpret differently.

I want to talk to you a little bit more about the identity of the devil.  Satan has a position, his title was that he was the guardian cherub.  And he’s like anointed cherub which means he guards the guardian angles for God.  And they are like one of the strongest of the angels.  And satan he was part of that.

You know Gabriel and Michael they are the same.  And there are the group of people who proclaim the glory of God, and there are a lot of those arch angels in heaven.  And then it shows the kingdom of God a long time ago.  And because he was so perfect and beautiful, he had pride in his heart.

And then his wide spread trade means that through his words he deceived many of his fellow angels.  He wanted to be an independent ruler besides God.  And in Isaiah it says I will go up to the throne of heaven, and it means he’s going to rule over the angels just like God.

The angels have their own free will and they were corrupt in their heart and they were kicked out of heaven.  He abused the power that God has given him, and he begins to turn the world upside down.  He trembles the earth.  He does not release the captive.  And the demons they will not let you go until there is a strong power upon you.

And then satan has this position and power.  In Rev. 8:4 it says he was a murderer and a liar from the beginning, and in 1 John, he continually lies, he deceives nations, he causes us to sin.  And then the devil means, it means accuser, accuser of the brethren, and that he has a very dirty mouth.

Another definition is that he scatters seeds, another expression is that he throws the dice. You know I believe that you will be saved and go to heaven.  Do you truly believe that?  It means that the devil will throw the dice at you: Maybe you will go to heaven, he says really, I can mess it up.  What if you don’t have assurance of salvation, I’m going to make you fall back at the trials and the tests.

He makes our salvation dull.  Another meaning is like a furnace, in other words, he corrupts the people.  And the devil and satan is the same word but satan has some other meanings.  King of the devil, attacker, he hides , he’s a dissenter, he traps people, he deceives the whole world, he makes you get lost, he makes you wonder, deceiver, he insists his own will, and it means that when you exert your will too much, that the devil can be involved.

There’s a red dragon that we saw in Rev. 12 the big dragon that was the devil and the other one it talked about was the arch angel.  And then we read through the descriptions about the devil.  It has some words more important.  Isaiah 27 it talks about: and in that day God is going to punish Leviathan, it means like coiling serpent, coiling enemy.

I am telling you the Hebrew origin of the word, it’s huge like serpent.  Huge monster of the sea.  Violent foe, serpent, devil, somebody who accuses who is possessive, who imitates and has those meanings, and coiling means like he twists corrupts, the serpent in Hebrew it means (?), it means the dragon in the north of the sky.  And it means you do sorcery and you do tarot cards, you predict the future, you prophecy, fortune telling.  Satan was created long time ago before us.  He does not have a physical form that we can see.

The media has a great impact on us.  And eve she was deceived in the garden of Eden by the devil but if she was Korean woman she would not have been deceived by the snake.  If Adam and Eve were Koreans they probably would have grabbed the snake and cooked it in a soup, snake soup.

You know, we Koreans will eat anything that makes you healthy.  How unfortunate that they were not Koreans.  Then we would not be suffering like this. (Interpreter-I don’t eat snakes, I don’t), he does.

I want to talk about how the devil approaches us.  Galatians 5:6 It tells about the life of the spirit and the flesh.  This is very important so please pay attention.  Evil spirits they live on energy.  The energy comes from the flesh, sometimes we supply the energy.

People with the spirit of anger, he’s the one that supplies that spirit.  And people with the spirit of anger, he will start asking the body, he’s hungry, he will be like, feed me, feed me I’m hungry.

And the food they eat is when you get angry and you explode your anger, they eat it.  And when they make you get angry and you blow up they are full.  And then the spirit will go into deep hiding, and it does not need to be fed for a while.  And they will go into like hibernating in their body, and they will start eating away your soul, our thoughts, our hearts, and then it makes you do things you don’t expect yourself to do.  It’s the same with other spirits.

And people with the spirit of lust, and then they attack us periodically.  It would be like, I’m hungry feed me, what is the food they like?  It is the lustful thoughts.  Lustful thoughts and what’s in your heart and you decide to move to action.  And then they are fed and they are full and then they go into hiding.  And they will go into hiding for a time.  And you don’t think about that for a while.  And just because you don’t feel their activity does not mean the have left.  And these spirits when we do the things that they like, they feed on them.

They make you do all those things they like and they are being fed.  Same with the spirit of anger, gossip and dissension.  He makes us the flesh to do that.  It is us who supply energy to those spirits.  As we talk about lustful things we enjoy it and we think it is us but it is the devil, he is doing that.

So it is us that is making those spirits full.  Our body is just the cover of it, we are being used by them.  Same with venting on other people and then showing off and being prideful, its the same way.  Same thing as gossiping.  We supply these demons with food and energy that they need.

What is the solution for this?  It is to change the habits that they like.  And it is determining in your heart that you will not do those things, then praying about it.  And then now there is a war.  And then the spirits inside they will go crazy and they will ask for food.

Give me some anger I’m hungry, have some lustful thoughts, I want to eat some lust, do some pleasures, fill me with worries, worry a little.  I need some frustrations.  Why don’t you try to pick a fight.  Also there is a spirit of exhaustion, and they really stir our body.  So when we get angry and do those kind of things they are full and they go into hiding.

And when we impart fire, because they know they will be exposed they will go into deeper hiding.  And you need to receive more fire deeper and they’ll be cast out.  And just because you don’t feel anything or sense their activities inside you shouldn’t be putting down your guard.  And when they continually try to stir us up we have to fight against it.  When you have those kind of thoughts and temptations you have to pray hard.  Pray more diligently.  I’m not done yet.

The demons have their ranks.  And in Ephesians 6 it talks about that.  There are about two different kinds of titles.  In my 6th book I talk about the ranks as much as I know.  Satan and the devil they are one and they don’t have rank.  And after satan there are like thousands and thousands of ranks.  Largely I divided them into about 7 or 8 ranks.

And when I try to expose his identity I get attacked.  And when we began this ministry the Lord made us fight against the small demons.

And when we overcome them, He made us fight the bigger demons.  And then the demons with higher ranks they came.  I didn’t know that they had ranks.  It took a long time.  No one told us, we didn’t read anything about this.

One type of rank that they have is like the army.

In the army there is like different titles and positions.  They are like titles, sort of like topical.  Another thing is by numbers.  An the numbers is in levels.  An the demons in the level are more stronger than the ones with the titles.  Like if you are a level 30 you can be so much higher than the other title.

An the demons with this kind of levels they are the strongest.  An even the demons have a structure and system.  An they have great strategies and plans.  They also have a promotion system.

The requirement for promotion is for them to hide in Christians and not be found as long as they can.  Imagine this demon went into this person and he lived this very passive Christian life, and then he prays very passively, and we are not even sure if he is saved or not, and he has never really had a great walk with God.

He says the Bible a lot but he does not have the power of the Holy Spirit. In appearance he is Christian, but inside the devil has a hold on him.  An these people when they come at a critical moment they fall.

God’s word is like a boomerang an it spins and then comes back.  And even if you read the word and you don’t keep it, it will go out and then come back and it will strike you.

An that’s why if we don’t live according to His word we will be judged.  Are you guys bored?  Should we wrap it up for the day?  You don’t seem too excited.  It’ll be very difficult to hear these kind of things any other place.  I’m not boasting but this is spiritual reality.

There is like how the demons are promoted.  And there was no chance to really expose the demon that was in him and he is full of demons.  But he does not know that he has a demon, but he lives his Christian life.  He prays a lot but his prayers are being perceived by the devil and he does not live a victorious Christian life.

Then later he marries and he has children.  And this spirit that works with other spirits will actually be transferred to the children.  The demons that was effecting the parents can effect the children.  And then the devil goes, good job, good job, you were not exposed, so I will give you a promotion.

And they meet the requirement when they take hold of living Christians and they are not being exposed. And when you live a very victorious Christian life they try to live with prayer then they are exposed. (The rest of the audio has too much echo to hear it properly so I am leaving it off.)

[end of message by Kim Yong-Doo, author of Baptize by Blazing Fire]

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